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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Shakopee Senior Graduation Party?

A: The Shakopee Senior Graduation Party (SSGP) is a traditional all-night LOCK IN event that takes place after the commencement ceremony to provide a fun and safe environment for new Shakopee graduates to celebrate with their classmates.


Q:  Who and what makes this event possible?

A:  This event is planned by amazing parents from the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen classes and volunteers from the community.  In addition to registration fees, funding is provided through business and individual donations and fundraisers SSGP plans throughout the year.  SSGP is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Q: Who is invited to the party?

A: All students receiving Shakopee High School Diplomas. The party is for all students who receive a Shakopee High School diploma this year from Shakopee Senior High or Tokata Learning Center. If you are questioning if you can attend, please email and ask.

Q:  Is it true that students are bussed to the party?

A:  Yes.  As part of the tradition, and for security, students MUST board the buses right after the graduation ceremony to be transported to the event. For your everyone's safety, STUDENTS MUST HAVE SOMEONE PICK THEM UP at the party venue that Sunday morning at 5:00 am. No student should drive home after being up all night. 


Q: Who can attend the planning meetings?

A: All grade level Shakopee parents and members of the community (no students, please). Each party builds on the next. Underclassman parents are encouraged to attend meetings to begin learning how to build the party for their year.

Q: Can I get updates about SSGP activities even if I don't have time to volunteer?

A: Yes!  Go to the Volunteer/Get Updates tab and fill out the form in Option 3 to subscribe to our general emails.

Q: What happens at the planning meetings?

A: Please note: Students are not allowed at the meetings.

  • Brainstorming and Teamwork...The meetings are for volunteers to brainstorm and work together as a team to make sure our seniors have a memorable, fun and safe party. The meetings are led by the current SSGP Board along with other committee volunteers. We work collaboratively to ensure the Seniors of Shakopee have a fun and safe way to celebrate their graduation with all of their classmates together for one last time.

  • In the early months (Aug - Dec), the discussions are about the venue, fundraising, building a budget, deciding on a theme, etc. The later months (Jan - May) are determining the details (t-shirts, prizes, raffles, games, bussing, food. etc ) to the party. Each meeting there are updates from the various committees, followed by a discussion as needed.

Q: Where is the party being held this year (2022)?

A: The Party is being held at Canterbury Park.  We are excited to hold the party in a local venue offering the whole package to make it a fun and safe party with lots of activities, entertainment, food, prizes, etc. for the graduates.   


Q: Can you explain the cost to the students?

A: Yes...

  • The $70 cost ($100 after Early Bird Registration) is all-inclusive.

  • The cost includes food, beverages, party venue fees, entertainment, prizes, raffles, bussing to the event, insurance, website management, etc.

Q: I have a 9th (or 10th or 11th) grader. Does this benefit my student's party?

A: Yes...The fundraising we do this year also helps pay for ongoing/annual fees for items we need to keep SSGP going next year, such as our website and other fees that are annual. 

Q: Are there opportunities for students to get a discounted rate?

A: Yes...

  • The Early Bird Registration Discount saves most students $30.  We have held steady at $70 (or within about $5) for over a decade.  

  • The seniors may connect with their high school counselor if there are financial needs. The school contacts SSGP. We may have gracious donors who have specifically donated for seniors-in-need.

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?

A: It's easy! Go to the "Volunteer" page on our website. Choose the option that fits your interest and follow the steps. We will post all our volunteer opportunities on this page. You may sign up for as many as you would like. In fact, get family and friends to join you - it will be a fun time.


Q: How do I register my student for the party?

A: Please check the Party page on our website for details.  Registration for the 2022 Senior Party is expected to open in April of 2022.


Q: Is SSGP on social media?

A: us on Facebook and Instagram. The links are on the menu bar on this site. If anyone has more ideas on how to get the word out to more people or fundraising ideas, we are definitely open to new suggestions.

Q: When the party first began over 40 years ago, there was almost 100% participation by the graduates. Why is it about 60% today?

A: In the early years of the party, the average class size was 200 students. The only option was the party and all seniors attended. Today with over 600 students, there are different scenarios for each student and we advertise as much as we can in order for all students to attend. It is the student’s choice to attend.

Q: How do I modify or unsubscribe from SSGP communication?

A: Some emails from SSGP have an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom. If not, please Contact Us below and ask us to remove you from emails.

Q: If my child has a disability or has a special diet or other circumstances, what do I need to do?

A: All Shakopee seniors - with and without disabilities - receiving a diploma can attend the party. We want everyone to attend — please let us know if you have dietary restrictions or require other special accommodations to attend! We will do our best to meet those needs. Please Contact Us below or email to inform us.