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To provide a recreational activity for graduates of Shakopee allowing them to celebrate their achievement in an environment free from drugs and alcohol.

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All Committee Meeting and Updates for the 2021 Senior Party THIS THURSDAY 1/7/2021 AT 7 pm ON GOOGLE MEET:

Thank you all for hanging in there with the planning of the Shakopee Senior Party. Hope you all had a great holiday!


1. Fundraising Update: Current Funds, 2021 Goal, Upcoming Events, etc. *The committee has been working extra hard during this difficult time. Thank you for all the extra work this year, so appreciated. Fundraising is essential, funds are needed to provide the Senior Gifts, Prizes, Entertainment, Keeps student registration cost down, supplies, possible extras, plus yearly SSGP admin costs (Insurance, Website, PO Box, etc...)

2. Business Solicitation Update

3. Venue Update: final decision

4. Entertainment: Update on entertainment and funds needed for entertainment

5. Budget: Update & Overall budget for the 2021 party

6. Prizes: Discuss goals

7. Social Media and Marketing: Update this group with any needs for advertising or posting on social.

MEETING LINK for THURSDAY 1/7/2021 at 7 pm:

*ADULTS ONLY. If you cannot make the meeting but have some info or questions you would like to contribute please email us at

Hope to see you all at the Google Meet this Thursday.

Thank you,

SSGP Board

Why Do We Do This?by Robert T. Smith (Star Tribune, 1982)

Her name was Sharon and I remember her.   I remember that she was lively and pretty and friendly and looking forward to the future.  

I remember her dead. 


She was a senior in high school when I was a junior.  She went to a post-graduation party -  the one where there was drinking and smoking and talking smart.  On the way home, the boy she was with couldn’t handle the car very well.  It crashed into a tree.

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