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We will be following the state mandate Stay Safe MN Guidance for Safe Celebrations and Events and taking more protective measures.

We will be doing the following at our event: 

  • Everyone must wear a mask covering both the mouth and nose while in the building 

  • Temps will be taken at the door upon arrival. (contactless)

  • Booths will be spaced 6 ft apart. Please do NOT move any of your booth or storage items into this space.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available throughout the event

  • One door for entering and one door for exiting

  • If you forget your mask upon arrival, we will have a mask available for you

  • Cleaning supplies will be available and used throughout the event


To provide a recreational activity for graduates of Shakopee allowing them to celebrate their achievement in an environment free from drugs and alcohol.

Why Do We Do This?by Robert T. Smith (Star Tribune, 1982)

Her name was Sharon and I remember her.   I remember that she was lively and pretty and friendly and looking forward to the future.  

I remember her dead. 


She was a senior in high school when I was a junior.  She went to a post-graduation party -  the one where there was drinking and smoking and talking smart.  On the way home, the boy she was with couldn’t handle the car very well.  It crashed into a tree.


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