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Meeting Notes 2/18/2021


Updates from Committees:

Finance: $6000 has been raised so far (total party cost is typically around $40,000)


Venue Committee:

  • Big Thrill Minnetonka permanently closed.  This committee did a great job & worked very hard looking for a new venue that could accommodate a party of this size (the entire Senior Class is invited).

  • Canterbury venue was secured after the last meeting so this committee is done.

  • Members can sign up for other committees or volunteer slots if they want to continue to help out.

  • Update from Canterbury is that they feel confident that they can accommodate a party of this size with the state restrictions. We have a large event center that holds 1,000's plus the outdoor space. If the restrictions get tight again we can utilize their parking lot for a Park-In event similar to last year's. The state has given them the green light for events like Summer Jam which brings in several thousands of people, so they do not foresee any issues.


  • Money raised has come from; donations from the fall craft fair, Chipotle, Arbys, Business Solicitation, and individual donations. 

  • Upcoming Events: Qdoba, Culvers, Spring Craft Fair, Senior Signs, and Soft Goods drive.

  • The group has requested some additional support with learning the process of setting up the craft fair

  • We have struggled due to COVID and limitations due to restrictions. Several of our regular fundraisers are not possible this year.

  • Discussed that we are looking into a new fundraiser called SnapRaise. We will need everyone's support and participation.

  • Please remember it is extremely important that everyone likes, invites, and share the events on all social media so we can spread the word. 


Social Media & Marketing

  • Utilizing school email

  • Will meet with fundraising regarding upcoming events and SnapRaise

  • Meet to plan the marketing of Craft fair, Senior Signs, Epilepsy clothing drive, Culvers...

  • Promote volunteer sign-up needs, open board member spots, and get more people to become members of our website so they receive our emails.

  • Dawn to promote on craft group sites to get more Craft vendors for the fair

  • Dawn has signed up 2 food trucks for the craft fair


Business Solicitation: 

  • So far $2500 raised.  

  • The plan is to start making phone calls in the first couple of weeks in March.

  • The group has requested some additional support to help with phone calls.



  • The group presented all the activities at Canterbury

  • In their next meeting, they will be looking at the budget to determine what activities we can keep.

  • The activities will rely completely on fundraising.

  • For extra games, they are looking at parents or the community to donate items like cornhole, spike ball, etc.

  • Communication from Canterbury sounds like we will be able to continue the event. 

  • The group has requested if another group could take on food and menu? Watching budget and will rely on fundraising. 


Volunteer Coordination Committee:

  • Sign up is open for Craft Fair Volunteers

  • Create new sign-ups for Craft fair coordinator help, Food/menu Committee, and 2 new board members

  • Will coordinate with other committees as help is needed in those areas.



  • The group will meet in a few weeks when we know what funds we will have to work with.

  • Hoping to have funds to provide gift bags for all plus raffle prizes.


Additional notes and comments:

  • Dawn and Tracee mentioned that this is their last year with the group.  

  • The board is now looking for 2 members. Must be adults


Next Meeting 

Thank you EVERYONE for all your hard work!  We have had a couple of challenging years, but at the end of the day, we all have the same goal to keep the seniors safe and to have a memorable end to the senior year.

Minutes from 1/7/2021 Meeting

Meeting Notes 1/7/21


  • Venue Committee decided on Canterbury for location

    • Questions came upon if there were enough activities for all kids. 

    • The cost was also a concern

    • Budget was discussed

  • Talked about the possibility of a park-in if Governor restrictions are an issue again this year.

  • Student registration price was discussed.

    • Board decided no increase in the ticket price

  • The entertainment committee plans to set up a meeting to discuss entertainment that Canterbury is supplying and what we may want to add/subtract

  • Fundraiser Committee has raised $2853 of the $20,000 goal as of 1/7. 

    • Working closely with Marketing & Social Media Committee to promote events

    • Discussed possible Donation campaign (asking people just to simply donate or buy a ticket for another student) 

    • They are still looking at a reschedule of the craft fair in the spring

    • Arby’s family night is scheduled for Jan 19

    • A couple of other fundraiser ideas were given

    • Senior Signs

  • We talked about keeping a positive attitude in the meetings and with volunteers.  This year is unusual, so patience is important. We all have the same end goal!


Thanks to everyone who joined the meeting!!

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