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SSGP Agenda from 08/27/2020


  • Intro (15 minutes)

    • Board

    • Purpose of SSGP

    • What the party has looked like before 2020

    • What 2020’s party looked like

    • What does 2021's party/event potentially look like?



  • New Changes to SSGP (15 minutes)

    • No General Chair as SSGP Board split GC role

    • Social media - website - become a member; FB

    • Registration - 

    • Fundraising - craft fair; yard signs; ????

    • Business solicitation


  • Grade Level Committee

    • Sign Up Genius (please use the comment section if you want a specific role)

    • 9th Grade

    • 10th Grade

    • 11th Grade

    • 12th Grade


  • Q & A (30 minutes)


  • Next Meeting

    • Thursday, September 24th, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Minutes from 8/27/2020 Meeting

Welcome Meeting 8/27/2020

Attendees: Current Board of Tracee, Dawn, Sierra, Jessica 


  • 11 new people join the meeting


  •  Talked about SSGP history, and what 2021 - 2024 could look like depending on volunteers


  • Explained how we are moving forward with no GC, however, we are breaking up the responsibilities among the board to help guide each class committee.


- We need volunteers for each grade level.


  • Each grade 9th thru 12th needs 10 people on their committee or the party will not happen.

  • Venues need to be booked years in advance. All 600 (ish) graduates from each class are invited, venues must be safe, secure, and need to accommodate a large group, so limited options and other schools to compete for these venues.

  • We are also looking for 3 more board members

  • Opened up to questioning.  Items that were brought up:

  •    Ideas for fundraising 

    • Online fundraising

  • What is our goal for every year?

    • $40,000

  •    If we are signing up for the class of 2024, are we committing to 4 years...?

    • We would love for it to be a 4-year commitment, however, we also understand that people move and situations change.

  •    Do we offer help to students who may not be able to afford the registration fee?

    • Yes.  They are asked to talk to their school counselor. We need fundraising for this.

  • The idea of senior parent & class merch?



We can't stress enough how we need volunteers for each grade level.  If we don't get the volunteers this


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