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Our second All SSGP Meeting was held on on Monday, November 15 at 7pm at the Turtle's 1890 Social Center in Shakopee.

Here's what we covered:


  • An overview of the Party (see our overview page)

  • With the Fall Craft Fair, the Senior Send-Off Fundraiser, the Concession Stand at the SHS Football Game, Turtle's Night and Pizza Night at Shakopee Bowl. we are off to a great start to fundraising this year and have raised $17,298 for the party so far!  

  • A big thank you to all who volunteered and supported these fundraisers.  They would not have been successful without you!  Here are some upcoming opportunities to get involved:

    • Volunteers needed:  SSGP is volunteering to work the concession stands at 3 upcoming SHS sports events on 12/2, 1/18 and 2/18.  We need a total of 17 volunteers across the 3 events to help raise funds for the grad party.  If you are interested, details and signups can be found here:

    • Mark your calendars for these upcoming Restaurant Fundraisers:

      • Pablo's Night (Pablo's Mexican Restaurant, 230 Lewis St S, Shakopee) on November 23 from 3-8pm.  Mention Shakopee Senior Graduation Party and 15% of your order goes to the 2022 Senior Party.

      • Red's Savoy Pizza Night (Red's Savoy Pizza, 8082 Old Carriage Court, Shakopee) on December 7 from 5-8pm.  Mention Shakopee Senior Graduation Party and 20% of your order goes to the 2022 Senior Party.

    • Like and share SSGP posts and join events promoting fundraisers on our Facebook page when you see them.

    • Add Shakopee Senior Graduation Party as your charity of choice on Amazon through AmazonSmile.  While you are shopping on Amazon for your holiday gifts, AmazonSmile will donate to "Shakopee Senior Graduation Party Inc", at no cost to you. Add us as your charity on your AmazonSmile account or shop using this link:

  • We are exploring venue options for the party:  Canterbury or Whirly Ball. Comparing the two options, the group favored Whirly Ball due to the cost savings and comparable entertainment options. The Venue Committee will be working to confirm Whirly Ball as our venue of choice for the 2022 Party.  ​


Our first All SSGP Meeting to Kickoff the 2022 Party Planning was held on on Tuesday, September 28 at 7pm at the Turtle's 1890 Social Center in Shakopee.

Here's what we covered:



  • How we organize planning the party….


  • How much money we need to raise: $60,000

  • What it’s for:  party venue fees, transportation, entertainment, food, prizes, etc

  • How we’ll raise money

    • Business Solicitations

    • Senior Send-Off: October 8 - November 5

    • Craft Fair: November 6

    • Restaurant Nights: Monthly

    • Senior Yard Signs: March/April

    • Clothing Drive:  April

    • Ticket sales to the party

    • More if needed


  • Where volunteers are needed this year for events and committees:

    • Lead for Fundraising Committee (if interested, email

    • Volunteering at fundraising events (Note:  Craft Fair on Nov 6 is first one.  Sign up at

    • Volunteering at the party

    • No time to volunteer?  Here are other ways to help:

      • Join meetings and subscribe to our emails

      • Spread the word to other parents about fundraisers & volunteer needs

      • Tell your student about the party so they are aware, in particular your Senior student, so they are excited when tickets go on sale in spring. 

      • Choose Shakopee Senior Graduation Party as your charity of choice in your Amazon Smile account