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Meeting ID: 273 783 4225

Passcode: 1MQFt7


SSGP Agenda 09/24/2020


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    • Meeting ID: 273 783 4225
    • Passcode: 1MQFt7
  • Intro (10 min)
    • Board intro
    • Purpose of SSGP
  • 9-12th grade committees were filled?
    • If NO
      • Plan the cancellation of the Senior Party​
    • If YES
      • What does 2021's party/event potentially look like?
      • Venue options for now & future- BTF Minnetonka has permanently closed.
        *We do compete with other schools, so decisions need to be made ASAP for all grade levels.
      • What decisions will need to be made regarding the 2022-2024 parties?
      • Social media - website - become a member; FB
      • Fundraising - craft fair; yard signs; Amazon Smiles; Merch ????
      • Business solicitation
  • Grade Level Committee (10 min)
    • What is the next step for each
      • 9th Grade
      • 10th Grade
      • 11th Grade
      • 12th Grade
  • Q & A (15 minutes)
  • Next Meeting if we are able to proceed with the party (5 min)
    • Set date and time

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